Keller China Restoration

Keller China Restoration

Glass & Crystal Repair

Glass repair, glass bonding and crystal repair are available through Keller China Restoration. Upon receipt of your piece, we will promptly send a written estimate, detailing the damage, the cost and the estimated repair time involved. Contact Us!

Cut Glass Bowl

This cut glass bowl was broken in 32 pieces, we put it together again with beautiful results. The customer commented, "Received my glass dish this week. I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the repair that you did. It's beautiful! I had to look really closely to see where it had been repaired. Good as new. Thanks so much!"

Glass Vase

This sentimental glass vase was thought to be damaged beyond repair. Just bonding the broken pieces would have left visible cracks. Cutting, repair and reshaping was done to create a beautiful small candy dish.

Glass Tumbler

This ruby tumbler was chipped on the rim, we smooth the rim of the glass to the bottom of the chip and polish. This process can be done on all glassware.

German Gilt Wedding Cup

Here is a beautiful ornate wedding cup that was broken in in quite a few pieces. We were able to bond them back together and to make this look stunning once again. Like in all glass pieces, cracks are still visible upon close inspection.

Murano Glass Pitcher

Sent to us was this beautiful glass Murano Pitcher. It was broken in 26 pieces. We were able to put it all back together to make it look beautiful once more.

Glass Candleholder

Glass items broken at seams or joints are bonded with excellent results. Using specially formulated Ultra-Violet cured glues, pieces are restored to original beauty.

Waterford Glass

Glass stems are a common repair. This $80.00 Waterford Stemware was made to be lovely and useful again. The broken pieces were reattached eliminating a costly replacement.

Glass Pitcher

Memories restored. Grandma's lemonade pitcher was broken beyond recongnition. Each piece of the puzzle needed to be bonded with patience and care. Though the cracks were still visible and not all the pieces were available, the pitcher stands on display for the next generation.

Swarovski Eagle Figurine

This beautiful Limited Edition Swarovski Eagle Figurine's feathers was broken and the eagle was off of it's base. Crystal can be restored to look beautiful again.

Glass Lampshade

Here is an old glass lampshade that was accidentally dropped when cleaning and broken in over 80 pieces. Most people would throw it out but this 100 year old piece was to precious and sentimental. We were able to bond it together to preserve it's value. Although you cannot have an invisible restoration, this lamp will once again shine with beauty. 
The customer commented, "Thank you, thank you, thank you! The big box with my lamp shade arrived. I let it sit for two days. I was afraid to open it because I thought I would be disappointed. Today I got up the courage and I am so pleased. You did a great job and I now have my mother's lamp back on display and it looks great. I never thought I would see it back together again. If you ever need anyone to give you a glowing recommendation don't hesitate to ask me. Thank you again!"

General Information Concerning Glass Repair

At Keller China Restoration, glass is bonded with special Ultra-Violet cured agents that do not yellow in time like over the counter glues. The glues are clear and strong and items can be hand washed in warm water. You cannot make cracks invisible in glass because of it's transparent nature, but our bonding agents help hide the cracks best possible and will not yellow over time. Repair costs generally begin at $20.00 and increase according to the damage for bonding of glass and crystal.

Chips can be removed from most glass items including glasses and bowls, etc. They can be smoothed to perfection. When repairing glass items, there is always a risk of cracking or breaking, this does not happen very often but needs to be mentioned. Removal of chips begin at $15.00 and increase according to the damage. We do not charge for evaluations. Cost is not determined by the value of the piece but rather by the amount of work required.

Shipping and Handling

Items may be shipped to us for a complete evaluation. We advise pieces be double boxed with at least 3 inches of packing and shipped insured UPS or FedEx. Please include your name, address, phone number and e-mail in the package. Also helpful is a contents list and description of the damage that concerns you and the amount of return insurance you would like.

Completed work is returned direct to you, double boxed and carefully packed according to shipping standards. We generally charge $18.00 for small to medium size boxes and $28.00 for oversized boxes. This includes handling and saves you COD charges. Contact Us!