Keller China Restoration

Keller China Restoration


Porcelain Repair and Restoration

Porcelain is a hard but delicate material that is made by heating a special type of clay at a high temperature to become white and shiny.  It is used to make cups, plates, decorative figurines, and vases.  Notable names of porcelain items include Lladro, Nippon, RS Prussia, Limoges and many more.


Porcelain is an excellent material for repair and restoration.  Whether you have an exquisite R.S. Prussia bowl, or a much-loved sentimental figurine passed down from generation to generation, if it is damaged our repair and restoration services can help.  Keller China Restoration uses the most professional techniques to ensure that any repair or restoration is done to impeccable standards. We can fill chips, cracks, replace missing pieces, as well as restore worn areas, and cover hairline cracks and crazing.


Let our repair and restoration services bring your cherished piece back to perfection.  See our degrees of Repair


Porcelain Restoration Before 
(Lladro Hansom Carriage)

Porcelain Restoration After
(Lladro Hansom Carriage)

Ceramic & Pottery Repair and Restoration

Ceramic and pottery pieces are made from clay hardened by a lower heat temperature. The finished product is more porous and brittle than items made of porcelain. Sometimes referred to as bisque, repair and restoration of a variety of ceramic pieces is an important part of Keller China Restoration.  Notable names in ceramic include Roseville, Hull, Majolica, Van Briggle and many more.

One of a kind antiques, figurines or handmade pots and bowls, our business specializes in bonding broken parts, replacing missing pieces, and filling cracks and chips to restore your precious keepsake ceramics or pottery to their original beauty.

If you have damaged ceramic and pottery items our repair and restoration services can help. See our degrees of Repair


Ceramic and Pottery Restoration Before
(Van Briggle Lady of the Lake)

Ceramic and Pottery Restoration After
(Van Briggle Lady of the Lake)

Glass & Crystal Repair and Restoration

Glass is a hard, brittle and usually transparent substance commonly made from sand heated with chemicals. It is used to make cups, plates, decorative figurines, and vases. When Italian glasscutters developed the technique of cutting designs into glass, it was called crystal because it had a shape that looks like the crystalline of a cut gemstone.


At Keller China Restoration, we can repair and restore your glass and crystal pieces including stemware, lampshades, figurines, cut crystal bowls and vases. By removing chips on stemware and bowls and bonding broken lamp shades, vases or more, our glass grinding and repair department is here to help. We use ultra-violet UV bonding agents for strong, clear bonds and professional grinding tools to remove chips. We work on Waterford, Steuben, Swarovski and many others.

If you have heirloom glassware or sentimental crystal ornaments that are chipped or damaged our glass department will be at your service.


Glass and Crystal Restoration Before
(vintage reverse hand painted lampshade)

Glass and Crystal Restoration After
(vintage reverse hand painted lampshade)


Cut Glass Bowl

This cut glass bowl was broken in 32 pieces, we put it together again with beautiful results. The customer commented, "Received my glass dish this week. I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the repair that you did. It's beautiful! I had to look really closely to see where it had been repaired. Good as new. Thanks so much!"

Glass Vase

This sentimental glass vase was thought to be damaged beyond repair. Just bonding the broken pieces would have left visible cracks. Cutting, repair and reshaping was done to create a beautiful small candy dish.

Glass Tumbler

This ruby tumbler was chipped on the rim, we smooth the rim of the glass to the bottom of the chip and polish. This process can be done on all glassware.

German Gilt Wedding Cup

Here is a beautiful ornate wedding cup that was broken in in quite a few pieces. We were able to bond them back together and to make this look stunning once again. Like in all glass pieces, cracks are still visible upon close inspection.

Murano Glass Pitcher

Sent to us was this beautiful glass Murano Pitcher. It was broken in 26 pieces. We were able to put it all back together to make it look beautiful once more.


Glass Candleholder

Glass items broken at seams or joints are bonded with excellent results. Using specially formulated Ultra-Violet cured glues, pieces are restored to original beauty.

Waterford Glass

Glass stems are a common repair. This $80.00 Waterford Stemware was made to be lovely and useful again. The broken pieces were reattached eliminating a costly replacement.

Glass Pitcher

Memories restored. Grandma's lemonade pitcher was broken beyond recongnition. Each piece of the puzzle needed to be bonded with patience and care. Though the cracks were still visible and not all the pieces were available, the pitcher stands on display for the next generation.

Swarovski Eagle Figurine

This beautiful Limited Edition Swarovski Eagle Figurine's feathers was broken and the eagle was off of it's base. Crystal can be restored to look beautiful again.


Degrees of Repair


Keller China Restoration repair and restoration services include almost any antique, collectible, art object, statue or sculpture. Multiple breaks, hairline cracks, chips and missing areas will all be given our person attention. Repairs and restoration range from economical bonded repairs to complex invisible repairs.


Bonded Repair: 
This is the beginning of all professional repair and restoration.  It includes thoroughly cleaning your piece, removing old glues, and preparing surfaces. Then the professional bonding of each piece is completed. We only use specially formulated bonding materials that will not discolor or fade with age like over the counter glues. With the option of filling chips or cracks and a finish top coat, this is the most affordable option offered.


Complete Restoration:
The Keller’s begin with thoroughly cleaning your piece, removing old glues, and preparing surfaces. Then proceed with professional bonding of each piece with specially formulated glues that will not discolor or fade with age.  A complete restoration of porcelain, china, ceramic and pottery includes sculpting or molding missing pieces, filling chips, cracks or imperfections then meticulously smoothing each surface to restore the original details. Colors, patterns and textures are matched for a complete and invisible restoration of your special piece.